Ready to take your brand to the next level?

Take a tip from HelloPride.

For many small business owners, establishing trust and credibility can be a challenge. A cohesive, professional look can go a long way toward building trust. But what does it mean to look professional? Polished branding starts with a unified look that brings the brand to life across every customer interaction. Even as a side hustle, HelloPride, an LGBTQ+ inclusive baby boutique, created a real brand that lives and breathes on its own. Every order they package and every pixel they publish online glows with their brand essence. And now, their goal of making their side hustle their main gig is closer than ever.

When you think about successful brands, they typically have a recognizable look. By establishing a consistent type treatment, color palette, and style, customers gain a familiarity with your brand that keeps you top-of-mind. According to Forbes, “consistent brand presentation increases revenue by 23%”, while “color improves brand recognition by 80%.” With a background in customer service, HelloPride was able to deliver a brand experience that went beyond just a good product.

So how can you create a unified look and feel that gets attention, builds trust and drives sales? Take some tips from HelloPride, a small business that’s proving the power of cohesive branding.

How they built their brand:

Design a loveable logo.

HelloPride is a brand that was born out of love and a need for representation, so their marketing materials needed to express that. For Megan and Meagan, their first priority in crafting their logo was to include the rainbow flag. Using Vistaprint’s custom design services, they embedded it into their bold HelloPride wordmark, then accented it with friendly, hand drawn illustrations that feel warm and human. As a whole, their logo feels bright, inclusive and kid-friendly, which is appropriate for an LGBTQ+ baby boutique.

“From day one, we knew we wanted every part of our business to scream HelloPride.”

To apply some of the same techniques to your own logo, listen to your brand voice. What do you sell? What do you stand for? Fonts aren’t one-size-fits-all, so browse around and get a good feel. Bold and bubbly works for HelloPride, but maybe your brand’s voice is more reserved. Maybe it’s something entirely different.

Unified doesn’t mean uniform.

HelloPride didn’t just design a logo and print it on every package. To start, Megan and Meagan created their own style guide, an established set of do’s and don’ts to follow as their brand grows. For example, as their marketing efforts expand to include more materials, Megan and Meagan stick to their color palette. Their rainbow logo uses specific shades of each color, so the HelloPride duo works within these colors to accent their packaging, postcards, and stickers.

“As an LGBTQ+ business, representation really matters to us. Having a unified look for our brand definitely gave it the credibility it needed to get the recognition it deserved.”

When it comes to adding additional elements, Megan and Meagan aren’t married to the rainbow. They also use hearts and other illustrations. To make new elements feel like a part of the brand family, they treat each with the same filter as the rest, making sure they look bubbly, hand drawn, and within their color scheme.

So, keep it consistent, but don’t be afraid to design beyond your logo. Your marketing materials are sisters, not twins.

Find your voice.

Your look and feel isn’t just visual; it has a voice as well. Megan and Meagan use their positive, empowering-yet-playful tone to bring their brand to life. From order confirmations to personalized thank you notes, HelloPride feels like family. Megan and Meagan work to make everyone feel included by addressing customer concerns promptly and in a friendly, warm manner. In turn, they’re showered with skyrocketing sales and glowing reviews. Their customers aren’t just customers, they’re a community united by a shared purpose and common values.

To nail your own brand voice, get a sense of your customers—figure out who you’re selling to, what they care about, and how they’d like to be spoken to. A relatable tone of voice will make your brand feel trustworthy, and encourage customers to continue their relationship with you.

Tell your business’s unique story.

If your brand voice shapes how and what you say, your brand story provides the “why.” A clear, well-articulated brand purpose connects customers to your business on an emotional level. As members of the LGBTQ+ community, Megan and Meagan were motivated to start their shop when they saw a lack of inclusive baby gifts on the market. But their purpose goes beyond simply meeting a need in the marketplace. HelloPride strives to create a world where all families are empowered to celebrate their love and feel represented. This higher-level brand purpose doesn’t just give customers something to buy, it gives them something to believe in.

Chances are, you already know your business’s story and purpose. Look back on what motivated you to get started. Was there a problem you sought out to change? A brand story doesn’t need to be complex or emotionally intense to resonate with your audience. A boutique bakery’s purpose might be to make their customers’ day a little sweeter. A landscaper’s purpose might be to help neighborhoods bloom. What matters is that you tell it in a way that’s authentic to you.

About the business

HelloPride is a baby boutique for LGBTQ+ families and their allies. They make playful baby onesies that give all families the opportunity to be represented and celebrate their love.