How to improve your marketing for the New Year

Ahh, the New Year. Time to turn the page and make a fresh start. So, whether you resolve to leave unhealthy habits behind or adopt more productive behaviors, the next 365 days offer countless opportunities to take your business further.

But do you ever struggle to decide where to invest your budget, time and energy?

Print marketing offers an affordable and face-to-face way to connect with your existing customers and meet new people who haven’t yet discovered your business. Marketing materials help you promote new products and services for the year ahead, create buzz around upcoming sales or events, or test the water with a new form of grassroots promotion.

Flyers are cost-efficient and easy to distribute

Flyers can help you find new customers and get the word out about an event or sale. Whether you’re handing out flyers in person or posting them to people in your local community, getting your message right makes all the difference.

Consider the following:

  • What are the benefits of using your product?
  • Why should someone follow the advice you’ve outlined in your flyer?
  • Why should they stop by your business?

Even if you’ve never created marketing materials before, don’t worry. We created an article with practical advice about how to write and design your flyer.

Postcards are versatile – hang them up, hand them out or post them

Just like flyers, postcards help you build your brand, share your message and bring in business. Use them for direct mail campaigns, street marketing, coupons and more. They’re simple to design and available in lots of different sizes, and most are available in matte or glossy stock.

You can upload your own design or enhance one of our templates with your personal touch.

See how versatile this popular and affordable marketing material is in our 12 effective uses for postcards article.

Brochures offer the space to tell your story

With room for tables, maps, menus, price lists and your business story, brochures pack a lot of information onto one piece of paper.

Brochures let you tell a complete story about your company and the products and services you offer. Different paper stock options, sizes and formats help you get the right look for your project, whether you’re creating a handout, takeaway or presentation.

But with so much design potential, it can be hard to know where to start. With that in mind, we created the Non-designer´s guide to brochures.

The guide covers how to write high-value copy, use smart visuals, choose the right paper stock and much more.

And that’s not all. We also collected some quick tips to make your brochure great.

Booklets are an organized way to share information with your customers

Booklets allow you to create in-depth product catalogs, sales brochures, and detailed company reports. They’re especially effective for handing out to potential high-value clients you meet at events and trade shows or for customers and prospects who visit your premises, shop or showroom.

Creating a booklet is a serious design project that requires planning. We’ve outlined the basics, including file format, layout, and paper options in this introductory guide with some frequently asked questions.

If your budget permits it, you may consider employing a copywriter and designer to help you get the most from your booklets. They’ll be able to help distill your key ideas into clear, concise and useful information that reflects positively on your business.

Tote bags are a practical way to showcase your brand

Whether running errands or hitting the beach, branded tote bags are a practical way to promote your business on the go. These are the perfect carryall for distributing flyers, postcards or brochures around town while showcasing your brand.

And if you plan to grow your business at events this coming year, tote bags are the perfect practical giveaway. Despite being lightweight, tote bags last and are an effective way to encourage enduring positive associations with your brand.

For more info on how to carry your brand beyond a local event or national trade show, check out our article on everything you need to stand out at events.

These are just a few ideas for how you can level up your marketing for the New Year. For more practical business tips, branding advice and inspiring stories about looking professional and unlocking new opportunities, check out our extensive list of articles on Vistaprint Ideas and Advice.

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