Is it time to rebrand your business?

Has your business evolved since you first opened shop? Whether you’ve been operating for two years or two decades, maybe you’re feeling ready for an update.

If your line of products and services has changed dramatically, it could be time for a complete rebrand. But if you simply want to modernize the look of your brand, a straightforward refresh could be an easier solution.

Use the decision tree to evaluate your business and decide your best next step.

Consider rebranding your business if:

  • Your logo feels outdated
  • You’ve grown in industry
  • You’ve grown in geography
  • You’re struggling to connect with new customers
  • Your branding doesn’t stand out

Your logo feels outdated

redesign your brand
redesign your brand

When you first opened, your logo was probably modern and reflected your personal style (and your business). But now, maybe the color palette, font, or design feels a little passé.

Plus, your logo should be a visual representation of what your business does. If your products and services have shifted, you may need to reflect that in a new business identity.

You’ve grown…in industry.

Picture this: you started out as a personal chef, and now you’ve expanded to a full-service catering business. Or, maybe your business was initially a seasonal operation, but now you’re open year-round. (Like Cherry Farm Creamery).

If your name and logo no longer reflect your business, it might be time to rebrand.

…in geography

Did a viral Instagram post create demand for your product in locales other than your town’s farmer’s market? Or, perhaps a newly launched e-commerce experience has made it easier for customers to shop from all over the globe.

If your audience has grown (congratulations, by the way!), you should take a step back and look at your branding from a broader perspective. Think about how your brand translates, whether in a neighboring region or another country.

You’re struggling to connect with new customers

If you’ve been providing the same services and products to the same people, your brand could appear stale or outdated. And even if you have been adapting to meet the needs of new customers, your branding might not reflect that.

It can be tempting to stay the same and retain your current clientele, but if you avoid making updates, you’ll never attract new customers.

rebrand your business
rebrand your business

Your branding doesn’t stand out

Maybe you were inspired by one of your favorite brands when you first designed your logo and thought about your own brand identity. It’s always a great idea to take design cues from companies you love and respect, but you need to make sure you’re distinctive enough to stand out.

If the typeface or color of your logo looks like another brand’s (especially one that’s in the same industry as you), you should think about redesigning.


rebrand decision tree
rebrand decision tree

In some cases, you might not need to implement a total rebrand.

A brand refresh lets you update visuals and refine your messaging without completely overhauling your brand. Consider updating the font and colors of your logo, or tweaking your tagline to something more contemporary. By modernizing your brand, you’ll make it more appealing to a younger, more current audience.

Since you don’t have to change any core messaging, brand refreshes can be a straightforward, inexpensive process.

Get the word out

Whether you decide to rebrand or refresh your brand identity, it’s essential to get the word out about your update. Send postcards to your customers debuting your new look, or an informative newsletter to your email subscribers announcing your rebrand.

Make sure to update the rest of your marketing materials, too (i.e. business cards, flyers, banners, brochures, etc.). Keep your branding consistent across materials for a successful, professional rebrand.

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