What makes your business card great?

A business card is so much more than just your contact details. Your card says a lot about you, whether it’s the design, layout or choice of paper.

Your card needs to reflect your business - and by extension yourself – and there are many ways to do this, whether it’s the colour scheme, layout or consistent branding. A way to make it personal could be to include an image of your handwriting or signature. If you are offering a bespoke service, then a high quality paper stock will help your image.

Design is also important. A good business card design needs to catch the eye and stand out from the crowd. Choose bright colours, or raise your game by adding special finishes to add a little something extra. Search for some inspiration online or from businesses you admire. After all, you need to make the right first impression.

We asked people at the Business Show 2016 to show us their business card, and watch the video to hear what they said.

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