Plastic Door Signs

Map out the office with a customized look.

  • 8 sizes to create a cohesive look in any space
  • Solid plastic frame protecting a printed insert
  • Transparent with a slightly frosted look
  • Arrives pre-mounted with adhesive

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Frame color
2" x 10"
4" x 4"
4" x 8"
6" x 6"
8" x 8"
6" x 12"
8.5" x 11"
10" x 10"
Price $38.00 ...

Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Customize room names, maps, announcements and more.

Plastic office door signs help you get organized and build company culture at the same time. From fun conference room themes to unique names for spaces around the building, you can create a custom look that sets the tone for the office. Choose from dozens of plug-and-play designs or come up with something completely original.

Design tips

  • Choose sizes based on the layout of your office or conference room
  • Use clear fonts in large sizes to increase readability 
  • High-contrast designs show up best behind the slightly frosted plastic

To finish outfitting your space, check out our standard and ADA-compliant signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How thick are your plastic signs?
A: Our signs are 3"/4" thick.

Q: Can I get a double-sided sign? 
A: We only offer one-sided signs for now.

Q: Do your plastic door signs have a matte or glossy finish?
A: Our signs have a smooth matte finish. 

Q: How do I install my plastic door signs?
A: You don’t have to worry about that: Our signs come pre-mounted with adhesive. 

Q: Are your plastic signs suited for outdoors?
A: We advise against hanging your signs outside as water or condensation could ruin the print. If you’re looking for a sturdy outdoor option, you can check out our metal signs or acrylic signs

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