Own your style with business cards that stand out

We're guessing you already have a set of tried-and-true business cards…but are you getting the most out of those seven square inches? (Yep - that's how much space you have to make a first impression on potential customers.)

In a survey of 2,000 people, 63% said that having a quality business card makes a good impression. And 60% said they'd be more likely to use a business that has a unique or memorable card. It's a brand new year - so how can you own your brand's style with a business card that stands out?

Here, our Business Card Design Team shares tips for getting the most out of each of these designs:

  • Foil accent business cards
  • Embossed gloss business cards
  • Rounded corner business cards
  • Standard business cards

Plus, you can see what Vistaprint customers have to say about their experiences with these business cards.

Foil accent business cards

"I had a good, simple business card design and this was the first time using glossy paper and metallic accents. When I got the card, I was blown away by how classy it came out. I've been using it for months now, and I get a lot of compliments."
-Greg, Orlando, FL

A little bit of shine goes a long way – we love foil accents for almost any business card, especially one with a high-contrast design and bold typography. The reflective finish is instantly eye-catching and is sure to make potential clients do a double-take.

"Shiny and effective! We use these cards for our referral program and they really stand out."
-Andrew M, Maryland

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Embossed gloss business cards

Add dimensional detail to your card with embossed gloss - your customers will instantly notice the unique look and feel. Use embossed gloss to highlight any design element on your business card (like your logo or your name) with a glossy, 3D shine. Make sure to use high-contrast colors to maximize this effect.

"I'm so pleased I went with the rounded corner business card...they look tremendously polished. I also upgraded to have the gloss on my logo and it makes a world of difference. The logo "pops" in a very classy, professional way."
-Amy, Washington, DC

Rounded corner business cards

Though 72% of survey participants prefer the standard rectangular business card shape, comments noted that an uncommon shape is advantageous for being remembered. Our solution? Rounded corner cards.

Though they're the same size and general shape as a standard business card, the rounded corners adds a unique, understated element that's memorable.

"The premium soft touch rounded corner business cards are perfect for my bridal gown design business. Many of my customers and vendor partners love how great these cards feel in their hands, and how easy it is to slide them into their wallets. I'll never go back to the poking feel of squared-corner business cards again."
-Kyle L., San Jose, CA

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Standard business cards

Standard business cards still hold their own, especially since they're familiar to professionals and customers alike. There are endless ways to customize an ordinary card to suit your small business needs, whether with a custom design or vibrant visual.

"Personalized business cards made easy. I uploaded my business logo and profile headshot photo, choose different fonts and sizes for each line of print. The design tools made it easy to position and center each section with auto guidelines."
-Michael, Austin, TX

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